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Kit Boyd
Kit is attracted to places that have a particular feeling. He rarely makes drawings, he prefers prefers to take photographs for reference and inspiration, creating new images drawn from the subconscious and from memory. Spending time in mid Wales as well as in his London studio overlooking the Thames Barrier, inspiration comes from the rolling hills of Montgomeryshire, the Coastline of Ceredigion, hedgerows, birdlife and wild patches found even in the city.

Kit follows in the footsteps of the British romantic tradition. In particular Samuel Palmer, William Blake and the Neoromantics of the 1940's among them John Minton, Paul. Nash and Keith Vaughn occasionally referencing them with a motif from their images. Homage to his predecessors in the form of a snail, hare or a character is to be found in Kit's landscapes.

Kit's etchings are exhibited at galleries throughout the U.K. The Romantic Impulse exhibition showed his etchings with works by Samuel Palmer. His Man on a Laptop, after Palmer won the Roodstein Draw More People's Prize.